Maddy is the underdog and hero of the film. She is the main focus of her gym rival Chelsea’s jealousy and bullying at school. Maddy is very talented but lacking in self confidence. Can she turn it all around? Perhaps a little romantic interest from young gymnast Joshua Phelps may help .... or just provide another opportunity for Chelsea to harass.
Maddy’s character is brilliantly brought to life by the wonderful Emily Morris.
Kate is the dedicated coach committed and desperate to see Maddy achieve the things she chose to give up.  Will her own unfortunate history cost Maddy any chance of success and opportunity to progress? 
Can Kate overcome her pride and convince Shane the specialist coach to assist her with training the girls team?
Kate Jones, beautifully played by Nina Pearce.
The champion and queen of the gym floor and school.
With wealthy parents, stunning looks and heaps of talent Chelsea has everything going for her but is it enough?
Is there something she craves more than popularity and success?

Chelsea brilliantly portrayed by Alanah Gilbert
Beccy is one of the three gymnasts from the dominating Saints Gym Team. Not as talented as Chelsea but definitely a Chelsea ‘wannabe’.  Beccy is the chief enforcer of Chelsea’s wicked deeds. Chelsea, Beccy and Catherine are the most popular girls in school… just ask them they’ll tell you!
But will Chelsea push Beccy too far?
Beccy is played by the very talented Elysia Markou
The stunning brunette and loyal supporter of Chelsea. Catherine is an exquisite gymnast but not the sharpest tool in the shed who occasionally speaks before thinking getting herself in even more hot water.

Sarah Murray took on and succeeded in the challenging role of Catherine
Shane’s good buddy Chris, the cool dance instructor pulled in to work with the Coreega gymnasts but how can he help the gymnasts with ‘special’ training?

Chris Coleman played by Chris Coleman
‘young’ kate
‘young’ sally
Young Kate in her youth was an elite champion gymnast.
Will Kate’s past end up holding her protégé Maddy back from getting in the National squad... or will it help?

Delightfully played by the talented Ruby Mae Taras.
The highly successful boys coach and specialist strength and technique coach.  Can he be convinced to apply his special skills and ability to train Kate’s team for the final competition? 
Could there be some romantic interest between him and Kate or maybe even Sally that will affect the outcome of the final competition?
Shane is played by the very gifted and exceptional actor Adam Tuominen
Sally was Kate’s childhood best friend, now in a wheelchair. 
The incident that caused it… was its Kate fault or just an accident? 
Can Sally finally forgive Kate and move on or will her unrelenting anger cost Maddy and herself National duty chances?
Sally, stunningly portrayed by Amy Handley
Young Sally in her youth is an elite champion gymnast.
A terrible accident causes Sally to end up in a wheel chair.
...Will she ever be able to forgive and move on??

Young Sally Peterson brought to life by the amazing Asha Lawson
The young male gymnast assigned to assist Maddy. 
Will their friendship help or hinder Maddy? 
Will Chelsea use him to manipulate Maddy? 

Joshua is well portrayed by Hapi Murphy
Kayla is a member of the Coreega Gym team and Maddy’s close friend.
Kayla also cops Chelsea’s and Saint’s team harassment and bullying but stands up for herself and sticks with Maddy and Erin through it all.
Oh... and Kayla loves dance....not!
Kayla Lee played brilliantly by the amazing Julie Kay Lumasag
Pat (Maddy’s Dad)
Elizabeth (Chelsea’s Mum)
Terrence (Chelsea’s Dad)
The socialite and busy professional always out at functions leaving Chelsea on her own with her devoted nanny.

Elizabeth, elegantly played by Cherylee Harris.
Pat Cornell is Maddy’s dad.
Pat, a widower is doing the best he can to bring up his daughter Maddy on his own.
Pat can’t help himself at being a pain in the butt when Josh and Maddy strike up a close friendship!
Pat Cornell brought to life by the talented David O'Brien
Tamsyn Lewis the Australian and Olympian middle distance runner plays herself brought in by coach Shane Fuller to help the girls out with some specialised training.

Tamsyn Lewis played by Tamsyn Lewis!
Head of the National Gymnastics Association and Chairman of Selectors.
When Mr Johannson changes the entry conditions to make the National squad he unwittingly sets off a wave of intense jealousy and rivalry between teams. Can it be a stimulus to bring out the best?
Played with great intensity and skill by David Wilson
Chelsea’s father, successful and very wealthy business man who is always out at functions and events with his gorgeous wife Elizabeth, leaving Chelsea either home alone or in the care of her devoted Nanny.

Brilliantly played by Aliante Youngdino
Australia’s only ever gold medallist in weightlifting at the Olympics and another close mate of Shane enlisted to help the Coreega girls. But how can a bruising weightlifter help gymnasts....?

Dean Lukin played by Dean Lukin!
The feisty red head and fine gymnast from the Coreega team. Erin won’t take crap from anyone, least of all Chelsea or the new male coach Shane Fuller. Erin speaks her mind but has heart of gold and supports her friends 100%

Erin Bishop, brought to life by the exceptionally talented Lilly Blacker.
The wise and experienced coach who’s illness and withdrawal from training unwittingly sets in motion jealousy and anger. Can her wise words and advice make a difference?

Beautifully brought to life by the amazing Carmel Johnson
Matthew is part of Shane’s top boys team and is good mates with Joshua

Matthew played admirably by Carter Hedges
Harrison is part of Shane’s top boys team and the standout performer. He is also good mates with Joshua

Harrison is  played by Chris Remkes