Kate and Sally are the best of friends.

Both are elite junior gymnasts, but when an accident occurs late one night after training and Sally can’t compete anymore, Kate is devastated.

Was it Kate’s fault?

Even she is not sure but Sally blames her. In sympathy to Sally, Kate gives up gymnastics never competing again, shattering her dreams.

15 years later…

Kate is coaxed into returning to gymnastics by coaching an elite group of three young gymnasts. One of the three, Maddy Cornell is 12 years old, quiet and lacks self-confidence but Kate sees in her exceptional talent just waiting to come out.

In competitions Maddy always loses to her rival Chelsea Smith. Chelsea is everything Maddy isn’t. Extremely confident, with wealthy parents and the self-appointed most popular girl at the school they both attend. At school Chelsea targets Maddy bullying and harassing her. 

When Kate attends her first competition with the new team she is amazed to find Sally is the head judge. It soon becomes clear Sally still blames Kate for the accident years ago and quite obviously takes it out on her by downgrading Maddy’s scores.  This angers Kate as she sees in Maddy a second chance to make up for what she missed out on.

Meanwhile Maddy develops a new relationship with a gymnast Joshua. Maddy inspired by Joshua’s and Kate’s support now believes she has “a second chance” to be the gymnast she wants to be. When it’s announced that the winner of the next competition will gain entry into the National Gymnastics Team the rivalry and jealousy becomes intense.

To win, Kate’s team will need extra help and fast.

Kate enlists assistance from an elite coach Shane who puts the girls through ingenious and unique training techniques. 

The dramatic, enthralling and nail-biting conclusion at the final competition is to be a second chance for all.

But…who will win?